UGA Encourages Cleaning of Equipment to Reduce Spread of Neopestalotiopsis

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Neopestalotiopsis spots and pepper-like fruiting structures in spots (photo from Mark Frye; Wayne County Cooperative Extension Service)

Neopestalotiopsis Fruit Rot is devastating strawberry fields in Georgia and Alabama.

In an effort to reduce the pathogen’s spread, University of Georgia (UGA) Extension is encouraging strawberry producers to make sure farm equipment is clean before moving from field to field.

According to the UGA Extension strawberry blog, washing equipment with soap and water after use in a field with the disease, may or may not be sufficient enough to kill the pathogen. But it needs to be done to reduce the spread through the removal of dirt, debris and plant residues left on the equipment.

Equipment sanitizers can also be considered as well. Cleaning and disinfecting shoes should also be considered. They are also considered a potential means of disseminating the pathogen.