Mexican Senator Misinformed on Antidumping Investigation

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In a recent letter to the chairmen and ranking members of the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways & Means Committee, Mexican Senator Gustavo Madero made some confusing and misleading statements. Senator Madero states that the termination of the Tomato Suspension Agreement was “due to the demands of some Florida farmers and their representatives in Congress.” In fact, the …

bacterial spot

Controlling Bacterial Spot on Tomatoes and Peppers

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Alabama Extension wants those growing tomatoes and peppers to be aware of bacterial spot, a common disease on the leaves of those two plants. There are several steps growers can take to control and prevent the disease, which involves using multiple management tactics. Controlling the disease with chemicals alone usually results in failure. Steps growers can take include rotating fields …

tomato disease

UF/IFAS Team Hopes to Fight Prevalent Tomato Disease

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A University of Florida (UF) scientist will lead a team of researchers trying to help battle Fusarium wilt, a major tomato disease around the world. In doing so, investigators hope to help farmers increase their tomato production. Sam Hutton, an associate professor of horticultural sciences at the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS), will use a new $490,000 …

FAMU’s Programs Help Tomato and Pepper Growers in Florida

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Researchers at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) are working to give growers hands-on help for pest and disease management. The Center for Biological Control in the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences at FAMU provides effective integrated pest management (IPM), said Muhammad Haseeb, assistant professor at the center. The center’s program gives solutions to help growers tackle issues they …

Grafting Program Focuses on Tomatoes, Watermelon

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The grafting program at the University of Florida (UF) was formed nearly a decade ago, but one of the main goals of the program continues today. Josh Freeman, associate professor of horticulture at UF, said the grafting program was originally started to manage bacterial wilt in tomato crops. Today, the goal has slightly changed to managing fusarium wilt of watermelon …