High Pecan Prices so Far for Southeast Producers

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By Clint Thompson

Early returns on this year’s pecan crop show high prices for Pawnee varieties, says University of Georgia Cooperative Extension pecan specialist Lenny Wells.

“I’ve been hearing anywhere from $2.50 to $2.65 in that range for Pawnee, which is good,” Wells said.

Pawnee pecans are usually the first variety to be ready for harvest every season, usually about a month before most of the crop is ready. Higher prices are a welcomed sight for Southeast producers. Especially following last year’s disappointing season, how long will they last, though?

 “I think we’re going to be about the first week of November getting the most of our normal (crop), like Desirables, Stuarts,” Wells said. “There’s just not any nuts out there in storage. Aside from the Pawnees that have been harvested, there’s just not a lot coming in. I think (the high prices will) hold up for that to get here. The question is, once all that stuff starts coming in, how long does it hold up then?”

The crop is a few weeks later than normal, which is a reason growers are just now being able to harvest mature Pawnee pecans.

“They’re just now getting to where you can shake them and get most of them out on Pawnee. A lot of people shook a couple of weeks ago. They got some out, but they weren’t coming out all that great at that time. Now they’re coming out good,” Wells said.

“I think everybody was just, the crop’s a little late and they were already the first week of October shaking and just ready to get them. The trees just weren’t quite ready.”

But now they are. The question is will the prices stay high for farmers?