The Pecan State: Georgia Once Again Top Producer with 142 Million Pounds

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Georgia is no longer second fiddle when it comes to pecan production. According to the USDA Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook, Georgia is once again the largest pecan producer after being bested by New Mexico the previous two years. Production rose 95% to 142 million pounds last year. It is showing signs of recovery from Hurricane Michael in 2018.

Statewide bearing acreage remained steady at 129,000 acres, with yield per acre is estimated at 1,100 pounds per acre, an increase 534 pounds from the 2019-20 season.

U.S. pecan production was at 302 million pounds utilized in-shell. It’s an 18% increase and 4% higher than the October 2020 forecast of 292 million pounds.

While production exploded last season, prices imploded. The USDA reports that the average grower price for pecans dropped from $1.84 per pound in 2019 to $1.32 per pound in 2020. This is likely attributed to an increase in supply and high beginning stocks.

As a result, the value of production dropped from $471 million to $398.8 million.

China remains one of the top markets for U.S. pecans with more than 70% share of in-shell exports, from October 2020 to January 2021.  

Source: USDA Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook