Georgia Congressmen Request Section 332 Investigation on Squash and Cucumbers

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File photo shows yellow squash

Congressmen Austin Scott, Sanford Bishop, Rick Allen and Buddy Carter continue to fight for Georgia produce farmers and against unfair trade practices with Mexico. In a letter sent to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, the congressmen requested that the current Section 332 investigation for strawberries and bell pepper be broadened to include the impact seasonal cucumber and squash imports has on Southeastern markets.


“We were pleased to see that USTR has requested a Section 332 for strawberries and bell peppers. However, we believe the inclusion of other commodities, such as cucumbers and squash, in the Section 332 request, would provide some assistance to growers as they continue to struggle with seasonal imports for the upcoming harvest season,” said the congressmen.

“Section 332 investigation request to the International Trade Commission for cucumbers and squash is needed in order to make a meaningful determination as to the impact of these seasonal imports on Southeastern markets,” the congressmen wrote in their letter.

“We are pleased to have the continued support of members of the Georgia House delegation in our efforts to level the playing field for our industry, said Charles Hall, GFVGA Executive Director. “Market data developed by GFVGA clearly outlines the need for a broadened investigation and we applaud their efforts and support of Georgia farmers.”  

The Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association is committed to continue to work with the Georgia congressional delegation and provide them with the data and support to provide relief for Southeastern growers.