Yes Please! Georgia Blueberry Growers Approve Continued Assessment

Clint Thompson Berries, Georgia

Georgia blueberry growers overwhelmingly voted to extend the assessment of $5 per ton of marketed blueberries for an additional three years.  The extension was passed with nearly 82% of the eligible ballots returned with a ‘yes’ vote. The balloting period for the market order was conducted from March 1-30, 2021.  

The Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Blueberries utilizes funds for blueberry research, education and promotional projects. The Georgia Blueberry Commission has been actively supporting efforts to encourage the Federal Trade Commission to investigate trade practices of other countries for dumping blueberries into the U.S. market. 

The Commission was established by the Georgia State Legislature in 2008 and has continued to support important projects for Georgia blueberry growers, with most of the funds committed to research projects on fertility, variety evaluation, insects, disease management and weed control.