Bacterial Spot: Tomato Disease a Problem in Various Fields in South Florida

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UGA photo shows bacterial spot disease in tomato.

A pair of tomato diseases are causing issues for South Florida producers. According to the South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline, bacterial spot disease has slowed in the Manatee Ruskin area but has flared up in other various locations. It continues to move up in tomatoes around Southwest Florida and is severe for some pepper varieties.

Bacterial spot is reportedly widespread in tomato and specialty pepper in the Homestead, Florida area. Symptoms of bacterial spot include small, water-soaked, greasy spots on infected leaflets. Distinct spots with or without yellow will occur on tomatoes. Fruit spots usually start as dark specks with or without a white halo. The spots become raised and scab-like as they increase in size.

Exclusion is the best way to manage bacterial spot on tomato. Sanitation is critical. Tomato volunteers and weeds should be destroyed between cropping seasons. It is also important to purchase only certified disease-free transplants and seed.

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Scouts report that target spot is right behind bacterial spot as the main issue for producers.