South Florida Still Abnormally Dry

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According to the latest release of the US Drought Monitor, recent rainfall has alleviated some of the dry conditions felt in central parts of Florida. There are still abnormally dry conditions in South Florida. Those extend northward to Hendry County, Martin County and Palm Beach County.

A moderate drought is still being experienced in the southern part of Collier County, all of Monroe County and the western border of Miami-Dade County.

There is still adequate moisture in South Georgia, especially after about seven inches of rain drenched the region last Saturday. Still, parts of middle to North Georgia are abnormally dry.

It extends as far south as Emanuel County and Jenkins County; as far west as Heard, Carroll and Haralson Counties; as far north as Banks and Franklin Counties; and along the South Carolina border.

Most of Alabama has sufficient moisture. However, parts of Cleburne County, Randolph County, Clay County, Talladega County and Calhoun County are abnormally dry.