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Picking Varieties With Profit Potential

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By Gene McAvoy Choosing which variety to plant is one of the most critical decisions that a commercial grower must make each season. Variety selection is a dynamic process. In the past, some varieties retained favor for many years. More recently, with advances in plant breeding and the incorporation of new and improved traits for disease resistance and other horticultural …

Bacterial Spot Leaving Mark in Tomato Crops

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By Clint Thompson Bacterial spot in tomatoes has been observed in various locations in Alabama, according to Ed Sikora, professor and Extension plant pathologist in the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Auburn University. He believes the excess rainfall and abnormal temperatures contributed to the disease being more problematic this year.  “I think this year with the moisture we’ve …


USDA Proposes Changes in Handling Requirements for Florida Tomatoes

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USDA AMS ProduceJune 15, 2020 The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is proposing changes to the handling requirements under the federal marketing order for tomatoes grown in Florida. The Florida Tomato Committee recommended the changes to bring previously exempt Roma tomatoes under the marketing order’s handling regulations. The committee also recommended developing exemption language for greenhouse and hydroponic tomatoes by …


Market Looking Good for Tomato Growers

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By Clint Thompson Tomato growers across the Southeast are enjoying high prices right now, which marks a significant change from March when Florida producers had to leave many in the field amid the coronavirus pandemic. That is not the case anymore, however, says Michael Schadler, executive vice president at the Florida Tomato Exchange. “Market price has been high. Coming down …

Produce Market Ripening With Success for Some Vegetables

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By Clint Thompson The produce market is ripening with success for some commodities. Prices are incredibly high for some vegetables, while others are still struggling to compete with imports from Mexico, says Tift County farmer Bill Brim. The co-owner of Lewis Taylor Farms said watermelons, round tomatoes and cabbage are three commodities really doing well for farmers right now. “I …

Severe Drought in Alabama Having Little Impact on Produce

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By Clint Thompson A severe drought in Mobile County, Alabama and Baldwin County, Alabama is not negatively influencing fruit and vegetable production, says Joe Kemble, Alabama Extension vegetable specialist. “Most of the veggies down there are irrigated,” Kemble said. “I don’t know anyone that doesn’t irrigate, frankly, in that area.” Irrigation is important in that area right now. In the …

UGA Researcher: Vegetable Morphology Key in Helping Plant Breeders

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By Clint Thompson University of Georgia plant biologist Esther van der Knaap has studied genes in vegetables for more than 20 years. She believes the more information that scientists can obtain about a vegetable’s morphology; referring to its size and shape; the better equipped plant breeders will be in creating new and better cultivars. The lack of knowledge on morphological …