Tomato Industry Expert: Inspections Running Smoothly

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Though Mexican exports of tomatoes have not reached the ‘peak’ season, inspections appear to be running smoothly and efficiently, says Michael Schadler, executive vice president of the Florida Tomato Exchange. The inspection provision, which was part of the Tomato Suspension Agreement established in September, 2019 between the U.S. Department of Commerce and Mexican tomato exporters, allows for the United States …

Supplemental Fumigation Strategies for Tomato Production

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By G.E. Vallad, J. Desaeger, J. Noling and N. Boyd Vegetable and strawberry growers have long relied on soil fumigants to contend with various soilborne pathogen and pest complexes, as part of an integrated management strategy that includes crop resistance, cultural control and pesticides. However, with the loss of methyl bromide (MBr), many growers have struggled to maintain consistent soilborne …


Tomato Growers Watch Out for Insects

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Tomato planting is currently underway across the Southeast. It is never too early to start thinking about insect pests that could hinder fall production in Alabama. According to the Tomato Insect Pests 101 video, Ayanava Majumdar, Auburn Extension Professor in Entomology and Plant Pathology, cautions growers to scout their tomato fields every week for pests and look for insects over …

Broad Sequencing of Tomato Genomes Will Help Geneticists Breed Better Varieties

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By Maria M. Lameiras for CAES News New technology has led to a greater understanding of how gene placement within the tomato genome influences gene expression and, therefore, the characteristics of the resulting plant’s fruit, a discovery that is important for breeders and producers. University of Georgia horticulture researcher Esther van der Knaap provided vital information for an expansive new …

Management of Thrips in Tomatoes

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By Xavier Martini and Joe Funderburk Thrips are important pests of tomatoes for two reasons. First, they damage fruit directly by egg-laying or feeding (Figure 1). More importantly, some species also vector tospoviruses that include tomato spotted wilt virus, groundnut ringspot virus and tomato chlorotic spot virus. These tospoviruses can considerably decrease the crop yield if thrips are not controlled. …

Scientists to Study Crippling Tomato Disease to Lay Groundwork for Prevention

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By: Brad Buck, 813-757-2224 (office); 352-875-2641 (cell); A destructive disease known as bacterial spot can ruin tomatoes anywhere it strikes. That’s why University of Florida scientists want to understand how the pathogen that causes the disease spreads and evolves on farms. A couple of quick statistics illustrate the importance of tomatoes to Florida’s agricultural economic sector: Fresh market tomatoes …

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Picking Varieties With Profit Potential

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By Gene McAvoy Choosing which variety to plant is one of the most critical decisions that a commercial grower must make each season. Variety selection is a dynamic process. In the past, some varieties retained favor for many years. More recently, with advances in plant breeding and the incorporation of new and improved traits for disease resistance and other horticultural …