Strawberry Disease: ‘It’s on the Back of Everybody’s Minds Right Now’

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A crop that already has its annual challenges is struggling to overcome its latest obstacle. Florida strawberry farmer Dustin Grooms confirmed that Neopestalotiopsis Fruit Rot has provided uncertainty for the future of the industry in Florida.  “I do feel like this year was amplified a little bit more with that new disease because normally you can come out there with …

Beware: Fungal Foliar Diseases Alive and Well in Alabama

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Weather conditions are conducive to certain plant diseases being a problem this year. Joe Kemble, Alabama Extension vegetable specialist, cautions Alabama producers about certain fungal diseases that could become problematic. “One of the things that’s important this time of the year is there are a lot of foliar fungal diseases. They cause problems in strawberries, but they also cause problems …

Georgia Strawberry Farmer: Disease Wiped Out This Year’s Crop

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Neopestalotiopsis Fruit Rot is not just impacting Florida strawberry producers. It has quickly made its way north. Just ask Georgia strawberry farmer Bill Brim. “It just wiped (my strawberries) out. As a matter of fact, we sprayed it with roundup (Wednesday),” Brim said. Brim’s strawberry production equated to 12 acres. “It’s a pile of money, too, the plants; about $60,000 …

Taste Test: UF Scientists Use AI to Develop Better Tasting Strawberries

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Source: UF/IFAS    A $300 million-a-year industry in Florida may soon depend on artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its flavor. Research at the University of Florida (UF) shows AI can help scientists breed more flavor into strawberries. While consumer panels are the method for UF researchers to gauge whether new fruit varieties taste good enough for development into market, in …

Weather Alert: N.C. Strawberry Farmers Encouraged to Protect Crop

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N.C. State Extension cautions strawberry producers to apply row covers to their plants in anticipation of freezing temperatures that will linger into the weekend. A freeze warning started Thursday night and will continue Friday night. But conditions will improve on Saturday, though there still is a chance for a frost from Saturday night to Sunday. According to N.C. State Extension, …

Alabama Extension to Host Weed Management Webinar for Fruit Growers

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Alabama Extension will hold a virtual webinar on weed management in strawberry, peach and blueberry production systems on Tuesday, May 4 at 11 a.m. (EST). Alabama Extension specialist Steve Li will discuss weed management on blueberry, peach and strawberry farms. This meeting will be held via zoom. It is free but those interested must pre-register. Click here to pre-register:

Clemson Extension Offers Tips for Tissue Sampling in Strawberries

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According to The South Carolina Grower, it is important for strawberry producers to tissue sample their crop now. This ensures an adequate supply of nutrients are available for the crop, which maximizes yield and quality of the fruit. Justin Ballew, Clemson Commercial Horticulture Agent, said the best method in tissue sampling is randomly select plants. These should be selected across …