Georgia Grower Discusses Ag Labor in D.C.

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By Alison DeLoach Bill Brim begins his testimony at 48:20. Growers in the United States are facing many challenges when it comes to the current H-2A agricultural visa program. On April 9, Bill Brim, owner of Lewis Taylor Farms in Georgia and board member of the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, testified on his struggles with agricultural labor to …

Trends and the Future of the Legal Ag Workforce

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By Amy Wolfe Not a day goes by when discussions don’t swirl in the mainstream and social media spheres about immigration. The topic is polarizing at best. In agriculture, the need for a thoughtful, balanced solution is essential to ensure our ability to continue feeding the world. Notable to our industry is the proposal to modify the current agricultural guestworker …

Labor Contractors Help Growers Use H-2A Program

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By Brian German Farms across the United States have been struggling for a number of years now to find and retain the amount of agricultural labor that is required for their operations. Many growers have switched to crops that can be mechanically harvested or simply require less labor. For the farmers who do not have that option, or remain dedicated …

A Grower’s Perspective on Labor Shortages

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By Chalmers Carr Ask any specialty crop producer in the Southeast to identify the greatest agricultural concern today and virtually every one of them will say access to reliable, legal and affordable laborers. How has this become such a huge issue? What can be done to solve this issue to allow the southeastern region to flourish and grow in its …


Labor Issues in the Specialty Crop Industry

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By Zhengfei Guan Florida is a large supplier of fruits and vegetables in the United States. Major fruits and vegetables produced in Florida include citrus, strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, cantaloupes, watermelons, etc. The production and harvest of these crops are labor intensive. For example, University of Florida researchers estimate that harvesting 1 acre of oranges requires 50 hours. More than …

Improving Mechanical Harvesting of Fresh-Market Blueberries

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By Fumiomi Takeda The growth of the blueberry industry in the past three decades has been remarkably robust. For the blueberry industry to remain competitive and sustainable, growers are seeking solutions to ever-increasing problems with labor shortages and rising labor costs for harvesting blueberries by hand. More growers are now using over-the-row (OTR) mechanical harvesters to pick blueberries for the …

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UF Researcher to Study Migration Trends, Health of Emerging Farm Workers

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As the University of Florida IFAS Extension director for Hendry County, Gene McAvoy has seen firsthand a sea change in the types of workers now coming to the United States to work on farms. “It used to be 95 percent or more of the workers were from Mexico,” McAvoy said. “Now, it’s about 50 percent from Haiti and the Caribbean. …


Election Day Commentary: Career Politicians or Dedicated Public Servants?

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By Gary Cooper, Founder/President AgNet Media Sometimes the timing of events can really make us think. Over the weekend, our nation lost one of its greatest public servants. Senator John McCain was nothing less than a statesman his entire adult life. Not once in all the recent news media coverage did I see him referred to as a “career politician.” …