Decreased Production: Georgia Hemp Acres Expected to Decrease in 2021

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Georgia’s hemp production is expected to decrease in 2021. Tim Coolong, associate professor in the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, believes there are various factors that will contribute to hemp acreage being down compared to last season. “I think a lot of growers are going more towards, kind of, I’ll say smokable flower. It’s more of a boutique …

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Challenging Crop: Alabama Hemp Faced Pests, Diseases in 2020

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Hemp production in Alabama had its challenges in 2020. From ant problems to plant diseases, hemp producers struggled to produce a crop. Kassie Conner, an Alabama Extension specialist II, discussed some of the obstacles farmers faced last year during an Alabama Extension Commercial Horticulture Facebook Live Q&A session on Friday. “I think probably the main disease we saw was southern …

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Hemp Production Final Rule in Effect

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The final rule for hemp production went into effect Monday, March 22. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the final rule, which includes modifications to regulations established under the interim final rule published in October 2019. Key provisions of the final rule include licensing requirements; record-keeping requirements for maintaining information about the land where hemp is produced; procedures for testing …

H.E.M.P. Webinars: Alabama Extension Offering Hemp Production Education

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Alabama Extension is ensuring hemp producers have all the relevant data throughout the season in hopes they’ll experience a more profitable season in 2021. The Alabama Extension H.E.M.P. (Hemp Education and Management Program) webinar series is a one-hour webinar held twice monthly. It provides information on various topics pertaining to hemp production. The next meeting will be held Wednesday at …

Final Rule: Changes to Hemp Production Go Into Effect March 22

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture Hemp Production Program’s Final Rule will go into effect March 22. Some of the key provisions include raising the negligence threshold from 0.5% to 1% and limits the maximum number of negligent violations that a producer can receive in a growing season to one. Also, the normal 15-day window to collect samples before harvest has …

Mighty Mites: UF Scientists Provide Information for Hemp Producers

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University of Florida researchers have released information about mites that could impact the state’s hemp producers. The mites can cause devastation to hemp produced in fields and greenhouses. These include hemp russet mites, broad mites and spider mites. “These pests can attack hemp by distorting growth, causing defoliation and even killing plants,” said Lance Osborne, a professor of entomology at …

Gray Mold Alert: Hemp Disease Discovered in Alabama Seedlings

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According to the Alabama Extension Commercial Horticulture Facebook page, recent samples of hemp seedlings sent to the Auburn University Plant Diagnostic Lab yielded discouraging results. The seedlings and clones were infected with gray mold or Botrytis cinerea. The fungus favors a cloudy and cool environment. Hemp that is produced in greenhouses in conditions that are high in humidity are at …

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Need to Know: Alabama Hemp Production Facts

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Alabama producers who plan to produce hemp in the future need to have a clue about what their production is intended for, says Gail Ellis, hemp program manager at the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI). “What I’ve tried to tell everybody that gets in hemp, the more you know about what you want to do in hemp is …