Yes Please! Georgia Blueberry Growers Approve Continued Assessment

Clint Thompson Berries, Georgia

Georgia blueberry growers overwhelmingly voted to extend the assessment of $5 per ton of marketed blueberries for an additional three years.  The extension was passed with nearly 82% of the eligible ballots returned with a ‘yes’ vote. The balloting period for the market order was conducted from March 1-30, 2021.   The Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Blueberries utilizes funds for …

Mite Management on Southern Highbush Blueberries

Ashley Robinson Berries, Pests, VSCNews magazine

By Oscar E. Liburd, Lorena Lopez and Doug Phillips Mites can cause significant damage on blueberry plants if not properly managed. Mite species that feed on southern highbush blueberries (SHB) include the southern red mite (Oligonychus ilicis) and the false spider mite or flat mite (Brevipalpus yothersi). The southern red mite is the primary mite pest feeding on blueberry plants …

Alabama Extension to Host Weed Management Webinar for Fruit Growers

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Alabama Extension will hold a virtual webinar on weed management in strawberry, peach and blueberry production systems on Tuesday, May 4 at 11 a.m. (EST). Alabama Extension specialist Steve Li will discuss weed management on blueberry, peach and strawberry farms. This meeting will be held via zoom. It is free but those interested must pre-register. Click here to pre-register:


Another Challenging Season for Florida’s Blueberry Producers

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A late crop, a topsy-turvy market and a consistent influx of produce coming in from Mexico – just another challenging year for Florida’s blueberry growers. Chuck Allison, blueberry farmer and owner of Wild Goose Farms in Umatilla, Florida, said the cooler winter has delayed harvests this year. “We’re getting started. We picked last week a couple of times. We’re getting …

Blueberry Decline: Imports, USITC Contribute to Florida’s Dwindling Industry

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What was once a booming industry in Florida is now running on fumes. Mexican imports and the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) have made it almost impossible for Florida blueberry producers to compete like they used to. “Florida went through an increase from 2000 to 2015 or so. Now, I don’t know of anybody that’s putting blueberry acreage in because …


Site Selection Key for Blueberry Plants

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Site selection remains a pivotal decision for all potential blueberry producers. Alabama Regional Extension agent David Koon discussed various site-selection factors that will impact whether a grower experiences success. “When we think about site selection of where you’re going to plant your blueberries, just like every other vegetable or fruit producing plant, full sun is a must. Partial shade, you …

Georgia Blueberries: Crop Not Projected to be Early This Year

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Georgia blueberries are progressing this season but don’t expect them to be ready for an early harvest, says Renee Holland, University of Georgia area Extension blueberry agent in Alma, Georgia. “It depends on the weather between now and then. It’s quite warm right now, so things are progressing very quickly, Holland said. “I don’t think we’re going to be two …

Mummified: Blueberry Growers Watch Out for Fungal Disease

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South Georgia blueberry producers need to be wary of mummy berry disease. University of Georgia Extension advises growers to initiate sprays for the disease to protect plants that are vulnerable. “Growers usually know around green tip, when new leaves are developing and then through bloom, they need to be putting out effective fungicides for control of mummy berry,” said Jonathan …