Wacky Weather: Alabama Planting Season Nears Amid Excessive Rainfall, Drought

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Planting season nears for Alabama vegetable producers. Once again, weather will play a key role as farmers prepare to plant this spring’s crops. Joe Kemble, Alabama Extension vegetable specialist, implores producers to wait until soil temperatures increase above a certain level and stay that way for several days straight. That will be a better environment for seed to germinate and …

$15 Minimum Wage? Potential Increase Would Impact Southeast Producers

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The Biden Administration’s push for a $15 minimum wage would have significant ramifications for farmers who utilize the H-2A program. Veronica Nigh, economist with American Farm Bureau, discusses the financial impact a higher minimum wage would have on Southeast vegetable and specialty crop producers. “The H-2A program stipulates you have to pay the highest wage of (either) the state minimum …

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Pecan Promotions: USDA Seeks Nominees for Board

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Southeast pecan producers interested in serving on the American Pecan Promotion Board can submit a nomination no later than March 26. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is seeking nominations for the board under the Pecan Promotion, Research, and Information Order. The board will be comprised of 17 members; 10 producers and seven importers. The producers …

Gray Mold Alert: Hemp Disease Discovered in Alabama Seedlings

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According to the Alabama Extension Commercial Horticulture Facebook page, recent samples of hemp seedlings sent to the Auburn University Plant Diagnostic Lab yielded discouraging results. The seedlings and clones were infected with gray mold or Botrytis cinerea. The fungus favors a cloudy and cool environment. Hemp that is produced in greenhouses in conditions that are high in humidity are at …

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Preparing for Success: Blueberry Site Preparation Takes Time

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Preparations need to be done well in advance for producers interested in producing blueberry plants, said Elina Coneva, an Extension specialist in the Horticulture Department at Auburn University, during a webinar on the Alabama Extension Commercial Horticulture Facebook page. “For those who are considering becoming blueberry growers, I would let you know that you need start preparation for your blueberry …

Pruning Practices: Blueberry Growers Reminded of Important Management Tactic

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The time is now for some blueberry producers to prune their crop. Pruning is the process by which farmers selectively cut parts of their plant. This will sustain the overall health of the plant while enhancing its fruit quality. In a webinar on the Alabama Extension Commercial Horticulture Facebook page on Monday, Eric Schavey, Regional Extension agent in Northeast Alabama, …

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Need to Know: Alabama Hemp Production Facts

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Alabama producers who plan to produce hemp in the future need to have a clue about what their production is intended for, says Gail Ellis, hemp program manager at the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI). “What I’ve tried to tell everybody that gets in hemp, the more you know about what you want to do in hemp is …