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Hemp Applications: Alabama Extension Says Growers Fill Out Soon as Possible

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hemp program
File photo shows field of hemp.

By Clint Thompson

The sooner the better for Alabama producers wishing to fill out a hemp grower application for the 2022 season. Katelyn Kesheimer, Auburn University Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, talks about why farmers should not delay in getting their applications done as soon as possible.

“The earlier you get it in, the earlier the Department of Ag can go through all of them and make sure you don’t have part of it missing. In previous years, we’ve had incomplete applications. I don’t think it’s super tricky. But the earlier you get it in, then you have a chance to correct anything, and the sooner the Department of Ag can get to working on them and approving everybody in a timely manner,” Kesheimer said.

“You want to get approved and get your license in hand to make plans for the 2022 growing season as soon as possible. Once you get approved, you have to find a licensed dealer. Then submit seed acquisition forms and get those approved. There’s just many, many steps to this process. You don’t want to be caught in June of next year still trying to find seed or clones or something.”

Hemp applications are available through Nov. 29 for those wishing to become a grower or a processor/handler for the 2022 growing season.

Applications will be accepted online through the Kelly Registration System (KRS). The application is available through the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI) at agi.alabama.gov/hempapp. Applications should be completed and submitted by Nov. 29 at 5 p.m. Industrial hemp licenses are available to growers, processors/handlers and universities.

Find more information about the Alabama Industrial Hemp Program on the Alabama Extension website.