Supreme Court Ready to Wade into Water War

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By Lloyd Dunkelberger THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE……… The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Monday in a decades-old legal fight between Florida and Georgia over water flow into the Apalachicola River. A court-appointed special master ruled in February that Florida had not proved its case that a water-usage cap should be imposed on Georgia to help the river and Apalachicola …

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Integrated Pest Management for Spotted Wing Drosophila

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative allows researchers in many parts of the United States to help find organic management strategies for devastating pests in their area. Ashfaq Sial, assistant professor at the University of Georgia, said he is using this initiative to research the spotted wing drosophila (SWD), …

Vegetable Crops to Solve Malnutrition, Obesity

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A Clemson University researcher has a goal of solving health issues by using vegetable and specialty crops. Dil Thavarajah, assistant professor at Clemson University, has researched how certain crops may have a hand in helping solve malnutrition and obesity. While working with this same goal in research for legume crops, Thavarajah noticed there was a substantial increase in popularity for …


Florida Growers Prepare for Freezing Temperatures

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Florida is off to a cool start in 2018 as parts of the state anticipate freezing temperatures during the rest of the week. According to Lisa Lochridge, director of public affairs for the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association, Florida growers are doing what they can to prepare for the cold. Lochridge says that Florida fruit and vegetables are well into …


U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear FL-GA Water Battle

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As farmers throughout our region battle this week’s unusually long cold spell, we’re reminded the so-called water war between states here in the deep southeast is heating up again. The U.S. Supreme court is set to hear arguments Monday January 8th in the long-running water battle between Florida and Georgia. The crux of the issue: Florida contends that Georgia is …

Potential for Commercial Vanilla Production in Southern Florida

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By Alan Chambers Think about your favorite desserts like ice cream, cookies, cream-filled pastries and chocolate. These indulgences are the perfect end to an otherwise healthy meal, or a guilty snack when no one’s looking. Many of our favorite desserts include a common, yet irresistible, vanillin flavor extract from the “bean” of the vanilla orchid. Vanillin has enhanced the sensory …

Register for the 2018 Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame Banquet

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The Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame Banquet will take place Feb. 13 in Tampa. This event will honor the 2018 inductees to the hall of fame. Four agricultural leaders have been chosen to enter the hall of fame this year. Those being inducted are, Alfonso Fanjul, J. Pepe Fanjul, Lowell Loadholtz and Harold K. Mikell. These four men have dedicated …


NAFTA Concerns with AFB Pres. Zippy Duvall

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It seems trade issues abound as we enter the new year of 2018. In this radio brief from our network headlines this week, American Farm Bureau President “Zippy” Duvall, who is from one of the states where specialty crop producers are not so happy about NAFTA, briefly shares his concerns about the renegotiation efforts underway for NAFTA, which will soon …