FFVA Comments on U.S.-Mexico Trade Deal

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Mike Stuart, president of the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association (FFVA), issued the following statement regarding a trade agreement between the United States and Mexico: President Trump announced that the United States and Mexico have reached agreement on a new trade pact that does not include a specific trade remedy for specialty crop producers in…


Election Day Commentary: Career Politicians or Dedicated Public Servants?

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By Gary Cooper, Founder/President AgNet Media Sometimes the timing of events can really make us think. Over the weekend, our nation lost one of its greatest public servants. Senator John McCain was nothing less than a statesman his entire adult life. Not once in all the recent news media coverage did I see him referred…

The State of Organic Vegetable Production in Southern Georgia

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By Timothy Coolong Southern Georgia is a powerhouse for wholesale fresh-market vegetable production. The vegetable industry in Georgia was valued at over $1 billion in 2015, with more than 170,000 acres in production, according to the University of Georgia’s 2015 Georgia Farm Gate Value Report. SIZE AND SCOPE The vegetable industry in southern Georgia is…

Citrus Expo’s Expanded Program Exceeds Expectations

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Citrus Expo’s broadened program brought new faces and additional learning opportunities to Florida’s leading agricultural event. Held in North Fort Myers, Florida, on Aug. 15–16, Expo attracted its largest and most diverse audience ever of growers, industry professionals and vendors. The event included a sold-out trade show of nearly 200 exhibitors and an educational program…

Research Team Targets Whiteflies

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By Breanna Kendrick and Abbey Taylor The University of Georgia whitefly team is made up of research and Extension entomologists, plant pathologists and horticulture specialists. All of these professionals are involved in whitefly research across commodities such as peanuts, soybeans and vegetables. The team is doing research and education on whiteflies and the diseases that…

Rid Your Crop of Caterpillars

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Different species of caterpillars can be detrimental to fruit and vegetable crops in the Southeast. Ayanava Majumdar, Extension entomologist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, says although recent storms in the Southeast have slowed down moth activity, pests are still looming due to the heat. According to Majumdar, armyworms seem to be active. Beet armyworms…