Peach Crop Threatened from Low Chill Hours, Drought

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Alabama peach producers are seeing low yields from this year’s crop, thanks to few chill hours, drought conditions and a late frost. The Alabama Farmers Federation’s Mac Higginbotham said the state’s peach crop faced a culmination of factors leading to below-average production. “We’ve had a bad peach crop because of rocky weather,” said Higginbotham, the Federation’s Horticulture Division director. “Last …

Shorter Georgia Peach Crop Harvest Expected

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We told you last week that this year’s Georgia peach crop has been negatively affected by the lack of chill hours it received this winter. According to Jack Spruill, director of marketing with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, not only is the crop looking at an estimated 80 percent loss this year, time of normal harvest has also been affected. …

Georgia Peach Crop Negatively Affected

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Some people have wondered how the freezing temperatures back in March may have affected the Georgia peach crop. But according to Jack Spruill, director of marketing with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, the crop was affected but not by the freeze.      

Florida Peaches Shine Thanks to USDA Grant

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Many peach consumers and retailers in Florida are unaware that peaches are being grown in the state. The Florida Specialty Crop Foundation (FSCF), in collaboration with the Fresh From Florida program, is working to change that by creating several marketing campaigns to raise awareness about Florida peaches. The FSCF received a grant for two years from the U.S Department of …

Overwintering Damages Georgia Peach and Blueberry Crops

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Georgia peaches and blueberries are starting to show signs of the lack of cold weather this past winter. Phillip Brannen, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension fruit plant pathologist, says that rust in peaches and blueberries will be more likely this year. “We just didn’t have enough frost to take off the leaves,” Brannen says. “Leaves on trees and bushes stayed …

Georgia Peach Brown Rot

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Brown rot fungus, also known as Monilinia fructicola, can be a peach’s worst nightmare. Generally, the first sign of the disease is in springtime when dying blossoms turn to mush, and a gray, fuzzy spore mass is formed on the branch. Georgia peaches have, luckily, been mainly spared of this disease due to extensive research and experimentation. Phillip Brannen, University …

Georgia’s Peach Crop Lacks Sufficient Chill Hours for Productive Growing Season

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By Julia Rodriguez From the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Media Newswire: Georgia’s peach crop may suffer this year due to insufficient chill hours, which are essential to peach production, according to Jeff Cook, University of Georgia (UGA) Cooperative Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources agent in Taylor and Peach counties. Depending on the variety, peaches need a minimum …

Disease and Unpredictable Weather Affect Florida Peaches

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Peaches are becoming a viable alternative crop for Florida growers. However, as with any crop, concerns about disease are looming over the up-and-coming industry. Tripti Vashisth, an assistant professor of horticulture sciences at the Citrus Research and Education Center, recently released findings from her peach research during the 2016 season. She completed this research with Mercy Olmstead, a University of …