Alabama Extension, Auburn University Partner With UC Davis in European Grape Studies

Dan Cooper Alabama, Fruit, Industry News Release

(ACES) — Alabama wine grape growers will soon have access to disease-resistant bunch grape varieties as new grape varieties send ripples through the entire wine-making community. For many years, Alabama’s commercial grape producers have been limited to native muscadine, American and French-American hybrid bunch grape cultivars. The limited access is due to heavy bacterial disease pressure that suffocates most European …


Peaches Benefiting From Seasonal Weather

Dan Cooper Alabama, Fruit, Industry News Release, Peaches, Stone Fruit

(ACES) — Cool weather is just what peach trees across Alabama need. Edgar Vinson, a fruit crop specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System said peaches and other tree fruits need adequate chill hours to produce a good crop. “As of mid-December, we have received at least half of the total chill hours needed for most peach varieties in the state’s two major …


Nursery and Greenhouse Industry Big Business in Alabama

Dan Cooper Alabama, Horticulture, Industry News Release

The poinsettia sitting on the hearth, the hydroponic lettuce in the refrigerator, the new shrubs waiting to be planted — all of these were probably grown right here in Alabama. Paul Brown, associate director for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, said many Alabamians do not recognize just how significant the nursery and greenhouse industry is in the state. Economic Impact “Alabama’s …

Sustainable Agriculture Systems in Organic Production

Karla Arboleda Alabama, Technology, Top Posts

By Ayanava Majumdar Organic farming, as part of a sustainable agriculture system, emphasizes profitable farming, good stewardship of natural resources (land, air and water) and high quality of life for everyone involved from production to consumption. Today, organic food is one of the fastest growing agricultural sectors. In fact, organic food demand is currently outpacing availability of organic crops. So, …

rural infrastructure

USDA Invests in Rural Broadband Infrastructure for Alabama Families

Dan Cooper Alabama, Industry News Release, Technology

(USDA/RD) — U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development Donald “DJ” LaVoy announced USDA has invested $62.3 million in high-speed broadband infrastructure that will create or improve e-Connectivity for more than 8,000 rural households, 57 farms, 44 businesses, 17 educational facilities, 14 critical community facilities and three health care facilities in rural Alabama. This is one …


Irrigation Tax Credit for Alabama Farmers

Dan Cooper Alabama, Industry News Release, Irrigation

(ACES) — Some Alabama farmers could see a break on their taxes thanks to a new tax credit. This credit allows farmers to count certain costs associated with irrigation — including fuel conversions, equipment and reservoirs — on their income taxes. Qualification Only qualified irrigations systems or reservoirs are eligible for the tax credit. Producers must have filled out an …

hemp program

ADAI Now Accepting Applications for the 2020 Industrial Hemp Program

Dan Cooper Alabama, Hemp, Industry News Release

The Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries (ADAI) is now accepting hemp applications from eligible growers, processors/handlers and universities. The application period began Oct. 7, and the final day to apply is Nov. 14. In 2016, the Alabama Legislature passed the Alabama Industrial Hemp Research Program Act, Section 2-8-380 Code of Alabama 1975, tasking ADAI with the development of a …

‘A Big Leap in the Insect-Monitoring World’

Abbey Taylor Alabama, Pests, Top Posts

All insect management usually begins with some sort of monitoring technique. Traditionally, growers have used sticky wing traps or bucket traps. But, according to Ayanava Majumdar, entomologist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension system, there are insect-monitoring technologies that could be helpful to growers. Majumdar says that there are two automated insect traps on the market right now that he has …