Setting the Record Straight on the Lake Okeechobee Algae Debate

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As the Lake Okeechobee blue-green algae debate continues, it can be difficult to decipher the truth from misinformation. A debate that has now become a national news story has been decades in the making. The same arguments from north and south of the lake have been made throughout the debate’s history. The algae issues in…

Hurricane Harvey Reinforces Concerns Over Herbert Hoover Dike at Lake Okeechobee

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Contact: Danielle Alvarez, (786) 586-3989, Farmers know firsthand just how unpredictable Mother Nature can be. We send our prayers to those affected by Hurricane Harvey and are reminded that, in Florida, we can’t ignore the lessons that come from communities inundated by Harvey’s flood waters. Hurricane Harvey is a reminder of Florida’s critical need to complete…


Senate Bill 10 Could Severely Impact Lake Okeechobee Communities

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Florida's 2017 legislative session starts today, March 7. A major issue to be discussed during the session is Florida Senate President Joe Negron's land acquisition proposal. Sugar farmers in the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) are fighting for their land as Sen. Negron's proposal moves through the Senate and the House. Senate Bill 10 proposes the…

What Exactly Causes Toxic Algae?

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By Lisa Krimsky Florida has an algae problem, and we’re not alone. The population on this planet is growing, as is the need to feed and house 7.6 billion people. Algae blooms are naturally occurring. However, a warming climate, human activities and nutrient inputs from stormwater, agricultural and urban land use, and sewer and septic…

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EAA Farmers, Inc. Issues Statement on Federal Authorization of EAA Reservoir

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A statement from Danielle Alvarez, spokesperson for EAA Farmers, Inc., following the federal approval of the EAA reservoir: “Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) farm families are pleased that the EAA reservoir will be achieved in a way that will accomplish restoration goals while also protecting homegrown food supply.  Restoration has been a tremendous success south of Lake Okeechobee…

A Community Celebration for Upcoming Sugar Harvest

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In the midst of an ongoing algae debate, it can be difficult to remember the community of people who live in the Glades area. These communities and families live and breathe agriculture. Below is a news release from Florida Crystals regarding the Pre-Harvest Celebration held this past Sunday. The account below shows the communal support…