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  • Pathologist to Tackle HLB and Other Diseases
    Ozgur Batuman, a new citrus plant pathologist at the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center, discusses the diseases he’ll work on. “I am planning to of course tackle some of the more pressing issues that citrus growers are facing these days, one of them being huanglongbing (HLB), and confronting its vector, Asian citrus psyllid,” he […]
    Ernie Neff
  • ‘It’s Not a Pretty Picture,’ Industry Leader Tells State Senators
    On February 21, leaders of three key Florida citrus organizations acquainted the Florida Senate’s Agriculture Committee with the issues facing the citrus industry. They summarize their presentations: “It’s not a pretty picture,” says Florida Citrus Mutual CEO Mike Sparks. He describes the huge production losses and increased costs that HLB disease has created. “Right now […]
    Ernie Neff
  • Sneak Peek: March 2017 Citrus Industry Magazine
    The March issue of Citrus Industry magazine will help growers find funding sources for improvements to best management practices (BMPs). It also describes the impact the water bill is having on implementation of BMPs. Growers will want to read University of Florida professor Kelly Morgan’s article that details future changes to BMPs that are coming. […]
    Tacy Callies

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  • Repellant Could Keep Dangerous Beetles Away From Avocado Trees
    By: Brad Buck, University of Florida/IFAS Using some pleasant-smelling chemicals, avocado growers may soon be able to repel beetles that inject a potentially deadly fungus into their trees, saving fruit and money, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researchers say. When they’re infected with the laurel wilt fungus, redbay trees – a […]
  • Sticker Shock: Examining the Economic Impacts of Land Acquisition in the EAA
    Published with permission of the James Madison Institute by Dr. J. Antonio Villamil Founder and Principal of the Washington Economics Group, Inc. Over the past several years, a policy debate has emerged surrounding the most efficient and effective course of action to address a complex series of challenges regarding the Everglades – its protection, its […]
  • House Cool to Negron Water Plan
    by Jim Turner The News Service of Florida It appears doubtful the House will take up, as written, a $2.4 billion proposal by Senate President Joe Negron to buy land south of Lake Okeechobee to ease the impacts of polluted water releases into estuaries on the east and west coasts. House Government Accountability Chairman Matt […]