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  • Effects of Homobrassinolides on HLB-Affected Trees in Florida
    By Fernando Alferez, Christopher Vincent and Tripti Vashisth In the current scenario of widespread infection and severe symptoms of HLB in Florida, horticultural practices that improve plant health in the presence of the disease are needed. For this reason, we sought to follow up on reports of positive effects of a brassinosteroid on infected plants. […]
    Tacy Callies
  • Don’t Let Vine Weeds Trip You Up
    By Ramdas Kanissery and Camille McAvoy Weedy vines are among the problematic and difficult to manage group of weeds in citrus. Vine weeds twine around the trees, competing with citrus for light and nutrients and causing reduction in yield and harvesting efficiency. Since vines do not have to form strong upright stems, more energy and […]
    Tacy Callies
  • Two Species of Ambrosia Beetles Found in Florida Citrus
    Earlier this month, Citrus Industry reported in an article that University of Florida (UF) Extension entomologist Lauren Diepenbrock discovered a pest not previously found in Florida citrus. The pest was thought to be an ambrosia beetle. It has now been determined that two different species of ambrosia beetles (Euplatypus compositus and Xyleborus affinis) have been […]
    Tacy Callies

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  • GPC Hurricane Michael Update: Impact on Georgia’s Peanut Industry
    Hurricane Michael devastated Georgia agriculture during the most inopportune time; harvest season for many agricultural commodities. One of those commodities included peanuts, where 50 percent of the crop had been harvested. The remaining 50 percent is yet to be harvested as crop conditions deteriorate and damaged peanut buying points struggle to regain power to dry […]
  • Peanut Operations Affected by the Storm
    There are parts of the peanut industry that were really affected by Hurricane Michael. And according to Tyron Spearman, they are still working to get production back to as close to normal as possible. Peanut Operations Affected by the Storm The post Peanut Operations Affected by the Storm appeared first on Southeast AgNET.
  • Florida Cattle Producers See Destruction from Hurricane Michael
    We are seeing a lot in the news about the devastation Hurricane Michael caused in Florida, but we don’t see much on how it affected agriculture, especially cattle ranches in the state. Florida Cattlemen’s Association Executive Vice President, Jim Handley, told Southeast AgNet’s Randall Weiseman about the damage found on many farms in the path […]