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  • HLB-Spreading Psyllids Resistant to Insecticides
    Ears perked up in the Citrus Expo seminar hall last week when Lukasz Stelinski reported incidences of Asian citrus pysllid resistance to insecticides, “particularly the neonicotinoid group of insecticides in Florida.” The neonicotinoids have been a key weapon against the psyllids that have spread HLB to groves statewide. Stelinski, an entomologist with the University of […]
    Ernie Neff
  • CRDF President on Bayer Partnership
    We first told you last week that the Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) and Bayer CropScience had announced a new partnership during Citrus Expo to fight citrus greening. Various solutions are being researched, like genetically improved trees. But CRDF President Tom Jerkins knows help is needed before those trees are ready. The post CRDF […]
    Daniel Cooper
  • Rootstocks and HLB Tolerance — Another Perspective
    By Ute Albrecht Tolerance to a disease is generally defined as the ability to be productive in the presence of disease-causing organisms. This is contrary to resistance, which is defined as the ability to completely evade a pathogen due to specific resistance mechanisms. The question as to what defines an HLB-“tolerant” rootstock was posed in […]
    Tacy Callies

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  • NPB Plans for Selling More Peanuts
    The National Peanut Board’s FY-18 program of work continues to implement the NPB strategic plan by improving the economic condition of USA peanut farmers and their families through compelling promotion and ground-breaking research. Tyron Spearman has the details.     The post NPB Plans for Selling More Peanuts appeared first on Southeast AgNET.
  • Alabama Cattlemen Preparing for Regional Meetings
    Coming in September, the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association will hold their annual Regional Meetings. ACA Executive Vice President, Erin Beasley, says they are looking forward to getting out and talking with producers across the state.     The post Alabama Cattlemen Preparing for Regional Meetings appeared first on Southeast AgNET.
  • Florida Congressman Discusses GMO’s
    Despite studies showing that GMO’s are safe, efforts continue to control or ban them. During a recent listening session held in Washington D.C. that was a topic discussed by U.S. Congressman Ted Yoho from Florida, who also serves on the House Agriculture Committee. More information about GMO’s can be found at The post Florida […]