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  • HLB: Learning From Brazil
    University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) researcher Rhuanito (Johnny) Ferrarezi reports on a trip to Brazil to learn about HLB control methods. Ferrarezi, who works at the UF/IFAS Indian River Research and Education Center, made the trip with former multi-county citrus Extension agent Steve Futch. “Their disease incidence is way lower […]
    Ernie Neff
  • Georgia Citrus Industry Gaining Ground
    By Clint Thompson Georgia’s citrus industry is expected to double in acreage by the end of 2020, according to Lindy Savelle, president of the Georgia Citrus Association. The projected increase from 1,000 to nearly 2,000 acres this year presents the growers with an interesting challenge as they prepare for when these trees start producing fruit. […]
    Tacy Callies
  • Citrus Pest Management: More Than Just Psyllids
    By Lauren Diepenbrock Non-psyllid, soft-bodied insects are common in Florida citrus. Their ability to cause damage varies by pest, pest population size, tree age and tree variety. Soft-bodied insects include scales, mealybugs, whiteflies and aphids, all of which are small and can be hard to detect until the telltale sign of sooty mold development appears […]
    Tacy Callies

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  • Peanut Supply and Disappearance
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently released its latest Peanut Supply & Disappearance. According to Tyron Spearman, there was not a big change in the new numbers. The post Peanut Supply and Disappearance appeared first on Southeast AgNET.
  • Perdue on China Phase One Trade Deal
    Last week, President Trump did sign the first phase of a trade deal with China that includes the purchase of $40 billion in agricultural products. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says this agreement goes a long way in leveling the playing field for U.S. agriculture. “This agreement once again is proof President Trump’s negotiating strategy is […]
  • Georgia Producers Learn About Beef Checkoff Program
    The Georgia Cattlemen’s Association (GCA) Leadership Conference has been taking place this week. It’s an event that provides members the opportunity to learn more about GCA and also the Beef Checkoff program. According to Georgia Beef Board (GBB) Director of Public Relations and Industry Information Kaytlyn Malia, a checkoff presentation took place during the event. […]